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Sanya International School

DVA Master Planned The International School of Sanya (TIS), situated on a 400 Acre property on the southern tip of Hainan Island. The 1.7M sf New Campus Development includes an Administration Building 16,146 sf, an International Cultural Exchange Center 37,674 sf, a Daycare 16,146 sf, Kindergarten 43,056 sf, Elementary School 75,357 sf, Middle High School (local) 91,493 sf, High school international 50,590 sf, 500 seat box theater 32,292 sf, 1000 seat auditorium, 69,965 sf, Olympic Natatorium 43,056 sf, 3000 seat gym 107,639 sf, 10 Expert Villas 16,146 sf/ea, Faculty dormitory 90,417 sf, Student Dormitory 53,820 sf, Student dormitory for international high school students 19,375 sf, Faculty Visitor Parking for 350 cars and a Helicopter pad and hanger.




Zhong Jiao Group

1,730,000 SF

Hainan, China

9201 Corporate Boulevard, Suite 150 Rockville, MD 20851 USA

P +1 301 590 8900



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