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MCC1 Data Center

DVA was engaged by DuPont Fabros Technology to develop a two-story pre-cast shell structure state of the art data center Manassas, Virginia. The design addresses the requirements of a multi-tenant, Tier III data center facility having a gross square footage of 400,000 square feet and with a critical IT load of roughly 43.2 megawatts. With a calculated annualized PUE at design load for the facility of 1.2 or lower. The data center will be served by the completion of a new utility power substation constructed on the adjacent site.

Computer room spaces are divided into separate rooms of approximately 9,000 to 16,000 square feet, including the Equipment Gallery, and the critical loads in individual rooms vary in density from 110  to 300 watts per square foot. Computer Room cooling is designed to operate at raised temperatures, operating within the recommendations of ASHRAE TC 9.9.





460,000 SF


9201 Corporate Boulevard, Suite 150 Rockville, MD 20851 USA

P +1 301 590 8900



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