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LC1A Data Center

DVA was engaged to provide architectural design for CloudHQ’s new state of the art data center in Loudon County, Virginia. The site was planned for a data center design that maximizes system efficiency and economy while maintaining continuous availability and survivability. The calculated annual PUE for the facility was projected to be less than 1.3 with a peak design PUE of 1.42 to 1.48. The ultimate facility design will have the mechanical and electrical infrastructure capacity to accommodate Server and Network loads of roughly 144 megawatts.

The LC1A data center building is a 72 megawatt, 521,612 square foot two-story pre-cast shell structure, with two 30,000 square foot engine generator penthouses. The facility consists of 8 Data Halls, Core Network, Support Offices, General Support spaces and Infrastructure Support spaces. With high level managed access control, traffic monitoring, and physical security.




Cloud HQ

521,612 SF (2-story)

Loudoun, VA

9201 Corporate Boulevard, Suite 150 Rockville, MD 20851 USA

P +1 301 590 8900



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