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77 Upper Rock

The major challenge was the repositioning of the previous surface parking to a garage in order to provide the development area for the new multifamily, however, this left the original main entry and lobby orientation in the wrong location, leading to nowhere.

The resultant design solution reoriented and extended the lobby toward the garage access, while still maintaining a connection to the elevator and restroom core. Previous covered walkways were enclosed with SSG glass to provide an additional 2,900 sf area which accommodated the expanded lobby and allowed for larger tenant area on the first floor. Additionally, this floor-to-ceiling glazing with an extensive canopy visually linked the two entries and added a significant contemporary accent to the building.




DSC Partners LLC

180,000 SF

Rockville, MD

9201 Corporate Boulevard, Suite 150 Rockville, MD 20851 USA

P +1 301 590 8900



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