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1750 Forest Drive

The project involved a major transformation to both the one and two-story structures on the site. The exterior façade was redesign to a cleaner modern look incorporating EIFS-cladding, light-gage pier framing and CMU foundations. Ultimately, the emphasis was to allow more light into interior space by expanding the one-story the glazed store fronts, and change the size and spacing of the two-story's window openings to reduce the amount of wall framing. The culmination can be seen in the two-story atrium promenade as light pulls your eyes through the now sunlit space. The use of metal, glass, decorative/aluminum glass systems, cable rail systems and natural vegetation add to the rhythm liveliness within.




Manekin LLC

124,758 SF

Annapolis, MD

9201 Corporate Boulevard, Suite 150 Rockville, MD 20851 USA

P +1 301 590 8900



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